Izamal, the "City of the Hills", is considered to be the oldest and most important colonial city, as a result of its rich history and pre-Hispanic and Colonial Architecture. Legend has it that the god Zamna founded the city of Izamal in the fifth century A.D. For centuries it served as a pilgrimage destination for the Mayan populace, and during the colonial epoch as a Christian sanctuary.

Your adventure begins as you board an air-conditioned vehicle for a scenic drive to magical Izamal. Along the way your knowledgable guide will provide an abundance of information regarding the Yucatan and its people.

You will be introduced to the reason that Izamal has been named "The Golden City" as you meander the streets lined with buildings and walls which are painted a brilliant yellow. And you can't miss the massive "Kinich-Kakmo" pyramid, the largest and most famous pyramid in the Yucatan, which towers over the center of town. Soak up the culture as you pass by typical Mexican dwellings in the Colonial city streets.

You will also visit the city's majestic Fransiscan convent. Erected atop the ruins of an ancient Mayan pyramid, this convent is absolutely rich with history of the conquest of the Mayan civilization. It also boasts to have the largest atrium in Mexico, comparable in size to that of St. Peter's in Rome.

After attempting to absorb so many breathtaking structures you will get the chance to relax and enjoy a sample at a tequila factory, while you continue to soak up all the powerful legend and tradition of Izamal.

Clean, peaceful, and quaint, this is a great cultural town to stroll through, with so much to see: Mayan pyramids, colonial-style buildings, parks and plazas, horses and buggies, and lots of people watching.

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Please wear good walking shoes and a hat. Lunch/drinks are not included.
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