Key West is famous for being the home of Ernest Hemingway, world traveler and restless drifter. Discover the charm that so captivated Hemingway that he bucked his nomadic tendencies and established permanent residences on its Caribbean shores. ShoreTrips' shore excursions showcase the Ernest Hemingway Home, of course, but we also offer wild dolphin tours, sunset sails, trips to Mallory Square, and a pub scavenger hunt. And don't forget to try a slice of the original key lime pie!



Wild Dolphin Experiences

Sail with wild dolphins and snorkel over coral reef or a shipwreck. more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  01:30 PM
Per Person
The most unique experience in Key West! more info
Duration: 3.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  12:00 PM  04:00 PM
Per Person
This excursion actually takes you out to observe wild dolphins! more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM  02:00 PM
Per Person

Sailing Trips

Creative people think out of the box - this package sails you from the dock to kayak in mangroves. more info
Duration: 6.50 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM
Per Person
Sail, snorkel, parasail, kayak, jetski - all these playtoys for you! more info
Duration: 6.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM
Per Person
This is pristine water for snorkeling and gives you a lovely perspective of Key West from the water more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:30 AM  12:30 PM
Per Person
Sail through the warm waters of Key West on this private charter - snorkel or dolphin watch more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  01:00 PM
Private Boat Charter

Sunset Sailing

See the famous Key West sunset from aboard this fun catamaran. more info
Duration: 2.50 hrs.  Start Times:   04:30 PM  05:00 PM  05:00 PM  06:00 PM
Per Person
Once you experience a Key West sunset, you will never want to go home! more info
Duration: 2.00 hrs.  Start Times:   04:00 PM
Boat Charter
Finally, great champagnes on a sunset cruise, and the time to enjoy each one more info
Duration: 2.00 hrs.  Start Times:   04:00 PM  06:30 PM
Per Person

Be Active

'OUT' on the water, you can really enjoy the assets of Key West! more info
Duration: 4.50 hrs.  Start Times:   11:00 AM
Per Person
Parasail from the back of a boat and fly free above beautiful Key West! more info
Duration: 1.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:30 AM  09:30 AM  10:30 AM  11:30 AM
02:30 PM  03:30 PM  04:30 PM
Per Person
This is not your grandfather's tour of Key West. This is really fun! more info
Duration: 2.50 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM  12:00 PM  03:00 PM  03:30 PM
05:30 PM
Single Rider Machine

Golfing Trips

This is your chance to golf the most southern course in the U.S of A. more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:00 AM  09:00 AM  10:00 AM  01:00 PM
02:00 PM
Per Person


A half day of deep sea fishing. more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:00 AM  08:30 AM  09:00 AM
4 Hours

Weddings In Paradise

Get married in the Conch Republic with the sand between your toes. more info
Duration: 2.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM
Wedding Package
Say I Do on a sailboat in Key West more info
Duration: 3.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM
Wedding Package

Unique Group Explorations of Key West

Special clues will take you through a tour of Old Key West. more info
Duration: 3.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  12:00 PM
Per Person
What better way to acquaint yourself with Key West than to hunt for the best pubs in town! more info
Duration: 3.00 hrs.  Start Times:   11:00 AM  01:00 PM  03:00 PM  07:00 PM
Per Person
Special clues about the famous homes of Key West take you through a tour of the city. more info
Duration: 3.00 hrs.  Start Times:   12:00 PM
Per Person

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