With conservation laws that forbid structures taller than the palm trees, protect the multitudes of wild vervet monkeys, and preserve the island's intimate hold on its past, St. Kitts is Caribbean travel at its finest. ShoreTrips' shore excursions play up the island's best attractions-breathtaking views from Timothy Hill, Basseterre's bustling city center, the Clay Villa Plantation, the elegant homes of Frigate Bay, and the Brimstone Fortress, with its view of seven surrounding islands. We love St. Kitts!

Sightseeing & Beach Combos

Discover both the beauty and history of St. Kitts more info
Duration: 5.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  11:00 AM
Per Person
On this exclusive ShoreTrips adventure, you'll enjoy a city tour and a nice long visit at the beach. more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   10:00 AM  01:00 PM
Per Person
Tour Clay Villa and its eco gardens and wildlife, enjoy picturesque vistas and beach break. more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM
Per Person


Try the latest craze and have fun! more info
Duration: 3.50 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  01:00 PM
Private Tour From
to $119.00
Per Person Based On Your Group Size
For larger groups, contact Shoretrips.
The perfect exploration away from the crowds of the cruise ship! more info
Duration: 2.50 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  12:00 PM
Per Person
Our 4x4 will take you deep into the rain forest for a thrilling horseback ride. more info
Duration: 3.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  01:30 PM
Per Person
Immerse yourself in the natural world on and under the waters of St. Kitts. more info
Duration: 3.50 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM
Per Person
Our popular off-road safari takes you "off-the-beaten-track" in the comfort of a Land Rover. more info
Duration: 3.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  01:00 PM
Per Person
Hike this beautiful island's mountain forest and take in a cultural site as well! more info
Duration: 3.50 hrs.  Start Times:   08:30 AM
Per Person
A recreational ATV takes you back in time, and then you're off to the beach! more info
Duration: 3.50 hrs.  Start Times:   08:30 AM  11:30 AM  02:30 PM
Per Person
Take an exciting hike through the rainforest to the rim of a volcanic crater! more info
Duration: 6.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:30 AM
Per Person

Island Sightseeing

This deluxe island tour features the incredible Brimstone Fortress and countryside sights. more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM  11:00 AM  12:00 PM
Per Person
Wow! See it all on this great tour! Beautiful drives, villages, panoramic views, and sightseeing. more info
Duration: 3.50 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM
Per Person
Taste the drink of the islands! more info
Duration: 3.50 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM
Per Person
Sample some of the Caribbean's best known beers! more info
Duration: 3.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM  10:30 AM  11:30 AM
Per Person


After completing your PADI Open Water Referral Course, do your check out dives in the Caribbean! more info
Duration: 5.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:45 AM
Per Person
We'll teach you to SCUBA...and even take you out for a real dive. more info
Duration: 3.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:45 AM
Per Person
Does your ship get into port a little later in the day? There's still enough time to take a dive! more info
Duration: 2.00 hrs.  Start Times:   01:15 PM
Per Person
Spend the day diving in the perfect waters off St. Kitts. more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:45 AM
Per Person

Fishing Tours

Great crew and beautiful bays=good karma for catching beautiful fish! more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:30 AM  01:00 PM
Boat Charter


This seashore paspalum grass found on only a few courses in the world will challenge your game. more info
Duration: 5.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:00 AM
Per Person

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