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We were charmed by the island and its inhabitants. We only had to walk into the center, or The Circus, of Basseterre, to experience their friendly 'hellos.' Wherever you go on this small island, you'll find breathtaking views of the sea, mountains, cultivated fields, and small villages. Both St. Kitts and its sister island Nevis are proud of their heritage and work hard to preserve their historical buildings.

Your first exposure to St. Kitts is at Basseterre, the capital. It is a small port, but the largest town on the island. Founded in 1720, it has been hit with earthquakes, hurricanes, and a destructive fire that destroyed the town in 1867. You'll be able to see the French architecture and the Victorian structures that have filled the spaces left by this disaster. St. George's Church, Independence Square, and a former slave market, as well as a visit to The Circus, will be part of your tour.

As you travel the west coast of St. Kitts, you'll stop at Bloody Point, the site of conflict between the Caribs and the combined efforts of the French and English forces in 1626. Your guide will tell you the history of the site and give you time for photos before continuing on to Wingfield Estate, a deserted sugar mill, and Romney Manor Botanical Gardens, home to Caribelle Batik, where you can see batik fabrics in production.

As you continue on to Middle Island, you'll see Sir Thomas Warner's tomb at the church of St. Thomas. It shares space with the tombs of other patriots memorialized here.

Your next stop is the historic Brimstone Hill Fortress, where you'll have time to tour and take in the view from this incredible point. If it's a clear day, you can see seven surrounding islands. Your visit to Brimstone Hill Fortress will confirm to you the important place that St. Kitts played in the Caribbean.

Continuing around the island, your next stop is Dieppe Bay, which is thought to be the first French Town. It has one of the only natural harbours on the island, and is protected by a barrier reef not far from a stunning black sand beach. This small fishing village was once a thriving port teeming with warehouses, which stored the sugar before it was shipped overseas during the colonial period.

One last stop before you complete your full circle tour around St. Kitts is the Black Rocks, a grouping of interesting rock formations left by lava flow and battered by the sea.

Now that you are full of knowledge and have your bearings, you can do a little personal exploring of the city of Basseterre with all its fine art galleries and shops or you can head back to the pier.

This tour of St. Kitts reveals the rich soil that caused the Amerindian people to call this island Liamuiga, meaning "fertile isle." The volcano that dominates the countryside now bears this same name in honor of the Pre-Columbian people who once lived here.

  • This tour includes:
  • Round trip transportation
  • Sightseeing tour
  • Visit/see:
  • Basseterre, including The Circus
  • Bloody Point
  • Wingfield Estate
  • Romney Manor Botanical Gardens/Caribelle Batik
  • Middle Island
  • Brimstone Hill Fortress (admission not included)
  • Dieppe Bay
  • Black Rocks

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Transfer / Meeting Instructions

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Special Instructions

• This trip requires a minimum of 2 people. We will do our best to match you with other passengers.
• This is a not a private tour.
• One complimentary water or soda is included in the price of this tour.


• This tour requires a minimum of 4 people.
• Admission into Brimstone Hill Fortress is approximately $15 per person, and the Caribelle Batik is approximately $3 per person payable upon arrival. It is well worth the price of admission!