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The cancellation policy on this tour is outside of the normal ShoreTrips Terms of Service. The tour is non refundable 18 days prior to the tour date. If your ship does not make port, this tour will be non-refundable. Please take out travel insurance to cover this rare occurrence. This tour will NOT be refundable in cases in which conditions make it impossible for the ship to dock and disembark passengers in a timely manner.
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ShoreTrips says...

It was one of those days - pouring rain - but who cared? The train to Nara brought us to a place from the past and Fushimi - WOW - I will never forget that walk through the orange gates that ended at the shrine. It was a very special day.

Japan has 8 UNESCO sites and Nara is the second only to Kyoto as a legacy in this country. On the ride to Nara, you will learn about the first permanent capital of Japan. Many say this is the most rewarding of the many destinations in Japan but you will judge for yourself. The centerpiece is the Great Buddha, called Daibutsu, which rivals Mt. Fuji and the Golden Pavilion as Japan's single most impressive sight. It is a short walk from the station to the Todai-ji, the structure that houses the Buddha and this building soars over the park which is filled with other fascinating sights. The whole adventure is one of relaxed absorption into a new world, but an old one still.

The impressive Buddha has a great story. Sitting in the largest wooden building in Japan, this most celebrated shrine was established in 768 AD and is famous for its hundreds of bronze and stone lanterns which have been donated by worshippers. The Temple was founded in 710-794 AD by an empress for the sake of the emperor. It is devoted to Yakushi Buddha, the patron of medicine in Japanese Buddhism. Life-size statues in the main hall are the 12 guardian deities and they surround a two meter tall statue of a seated Yakushi Buddha. These are the main objects of worship. Putting yourself back in time to understand the significance of this whole structure may be the hardest part. Even the people that have come to see the Buddha or specifically to honor it are interesting to observe.

One unusual experience here is the park itself called Nara Park, but renamed Deer Park by the locals. A huge population of more than 1,000 tame deer live here and you can feed them but be careful. They will chase you for more food, for sure.

Reboarding your train, you will begin your return with yet one more stop on the way, one that will indelibly make a mark on your Japan trip. Again a short walk from the station, you will venture to the Fushimi Inari Shrine, a most beloved shrine in Japan. It is a favorite haunt of photographers, business people, and local residents who ask the gods to bless their homes, companies, and destinies. Founded in 711, it is difficult to explain the feeling of walking through one red torii arch after another, as they form a tunnel of stunning simplicity. You will note that those at the beginning of the route are larger than those following. Patrons dedicate new tori arches as they need replacing, allowing the patron's name or business name to be painted in black on the new gate. Ultimately, these form a path up the mountain behind the temple.

If this looks familiar, it should as the Fushimi Inari Shrine was used in the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha," a movie that will have much more meaning upon your return home. During the day, a quick stop for lunch will occur. The price of lunch is not included in your tour.

  • This Tour Includes:
  • English-speaking licensed guide
  • Use of public transportation, and train from Kyoto to Nara and Fushimi (costs included)
  • Toda-ji Temple
  • Nara Park
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Additional Languages Available
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The cancellation policy on this tour is outside of the normal ShoreTrips Terms of Service. The tour is non refundable under any circumstance 18 days prior to the tour date.
• Due to the extreme costs of hospitalization and medical services in Japan, we strongly recommend purchasing independent travel insurance that will cover you for injuries or illness while in Japan.