Old San Juan is a 465-year-old neighborhood that originally served as a military stronghold. Within a space of seven square blocks, you'll find over 400 16th and 17th century buildings that have been carefully restored for commercial and residential use. We've walked this area time after time, but until we did so with a guide backed by the knowledge and history of the area, we never realized the depth of San Juan's historical and cultural impact.

This tour includes:
• Private, guided walking tour of Old San Juan
• Great photo opportunities and memories!

There is a magical feeling to the area of Old San Juan and your first thought may be that you are not in the United States. There seems to be nothing that looks as old or has the history on the mainland as you will see in Old San Juan. Founded in 1521, this part of the city of San Juan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a U.S. Historic Zone. Your walk begins at the water's edge and follows the city wall, where the view is spectacular and the past comes alive. There are over 400 well-preserved buildings in the old city that date back to its inception. The architecture is incredible and honestly you will feel as if you are in Europe, with cobblestone streets and buildings sitting side by side.

Most of the old city will remind you of its history as a military stronghold but much of this area has now been modified to house attractions for tourism. Cafes, small shops, great gardens and courtyards abound. The former barracks now house the Museo de Las Americas and has a collection of Latin American Folk Art. Some of the religious structures spread throughout the area such as the San Juan Cathedral seems to be both Gothic and modern in architecture due to constant renovations since it was opened in 1540.You'll have the chance to see the San Juan Gate, San Juan Cathedral, and the town square. And you will learn where to find other points of interest that you can return to and explore in greater detail.

This special itinerary was created to deliver an entertaining venture in this historical city. Unless you take in old San Juan on foot you really cannot understand how special it is but accompanied by a local guide, you will learn about the history of this US territory. The cobblestone path through the narrow streets will bring you to the fort, the artisans that still make and sell bamboo cups, local cigars, tropical candels and souvenirs made of wood, calabash and other local materials, and what life is like on Puerto Rico. But most important is hearing the background of this island, which most Americans do not realize is part of our USA.

Your guide will present many options for places to visit. You might choose to see Columbus Square, also known as Plaza de Colón, where local artists and musicians gather. There will be plenty of entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

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• If you have more than 10 people in your party, please contact ShoreTrips for pricing.
• Wear comfortable walking shoes for walking up stairs, steep grades, and pavement. If you have special interests for your day, please contact ShoreTrips when making your reservation.
• Late departures are frequently requested. Please be advised that the sun sets around 5:30 p.m. in San Juan (depending on the season) and some public buildings are not open.
• The $5 admission to San Cristobal Fort is not included. It will be collected at the time of the tour, should you decide to visit.

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