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This was one of our favorite islands and, although we enjoyed the bustle of Castries, there is no doubt that you cannot "know" St. Lucia without traveling south a bit to Soufriere. Yes, the roads are winding but the views are breathtaking. We often felt as if we were in Italy as we saw the hills dotted with villages.

Travel down the West Coast through fishing villages in your air conditioned van. It will be difficult to miss the banana plantation and it is an amazing sight to see all those bunches being readied for our stores.

You will be greeted by fabulous views of the Piton Mountains as you descend into the old French town of Soufriere. The landscape of rolling hills always reminds me of the vistas offering by the countryside rides in Italy and France, dotted with little villages.

The setting of the magnificent Piton Waterfall is the first stop, where water falls over a hillside 50 ft. high and cascades into a pool surrounded by a beautiful garden. You will have a chance to experience this fresh-water pool at the waterfall's base.

Now refreshed, your nose will signal your approach to the drive-in volcano as you near the Sulphur Springs. Here, another guide will take over to talk about the volcano and Sulfur Springs. (Due to very hot temperatures, you won't be able to enter the Springs) The steaming, bubbling holes of the legendary sulphuric waters have had medicinal and rejuvenating properties and it's easy to have your imagination make true the tales of Empress Josephine's baths in this water. Your Springs guide would also appreciate a small gratuity.

You will see St. Lucia from a totally different perspective on your return trip. Each time we took this drive, it never looked the same.

Watch out for the bicycle riders who balance propane tanks and large water bottles on their bikes as they head up and down the steep hills.

  • On this tour you will:
  • Pass banana plantation
  • Pass fishing villages
  • Piton Mountains
  • Soufriere
  • Piton Waterfall
  • Additional Languages Available
  • Unknown
  • *Possible upcharge at checkout for languages denoted with ($) symbol.

Days of Operation

Mon - yes
Tue - yes
Wed - yes
Thu - yes
Fri - yes
Sat - yes
Sun - yes

Departures (local time)

  • 8:30 AM (4.5 hrs)
  • 10:00 AM (4.5 hrs)
  • 11:00 AM (4.5 hrs) Only if your ship arrives at 10am.
  • 12:00 PM (4.5 hrs) Only if your ship arrives at 11am.

Transfer / Meeting Instructions

No Taxi Required Specific pick up or taxi instructions will appear on your voucher after you purchase your trip.

Special Instructions

• Bring your camera, towel and swimwear.
• The roads are winding, so if you are predisposed to motion sickness we suggest you bring sea bands to enjoy this gorgeous ride.
• Please note: You have a private vehicle. However, the sites you visit are not private.
• Cost includes bathing at mineral baths and visiting the botanical garden.


• This trip is a private tour that requires a minimum of 2 people.
• It is not possible for groups to have access to the mineral baths. This is an opportunity for only independent travelers.
• The mineral baths are small and there are no changing facilities.