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Cologne is home to the oldest Jewish community in Germany and it was once a vital center of the Zionist Movement. The devastation through both medieval pogroms are remembered by the current revitalized Jewish community and through the city's many memorials.

Your tour starts where it all began, in the medieval Jewish quarter of Cologne, the Judengasse. Take a step back in time and delve into the history of this early community. Learn about its struggles and celebrations and see the site of the old synagogue. The new MIQUA Museum, located in the Archaeological Quarter of the city is currently under construction. When complete this spectacular undertaking will be situated both above and beneath the Rathausplatz (City Hall) and will display 2,000 years of Cologne Jewish history.

From here, it is only a short walk to the great Cologne Cathedral, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you will have the chance to explore the beautiful cathedral and discover imagery that bears witness to anti-Jewish sentiment in medieval Cologne.

You will also see the evocative contemporary artwork of the Israeli artist Dani Karavan called ‘Ma’alot’. This installation of sunlight, grass, trees, red brick, railway track, granite and cast iron extends from the Cologne Cathedral Square to the Rhine Park.

Your tour continues onwards to the site of the former Glockengasse Synagogue, which is today home to a modern opera house on Offenbach square. En route, you will embark on a historical journey to learn about the origins of the World Zionist Movement, which was started right here in Cologne by Max Bodenheimer and David Wolffsohn.

The final part of your tour brings you to the famous ‘Stumbling Blocks’, small brass plaques commemorating the victims of the Holocaust in front of their former homes. This memorial was initiated by the local artist Gunter Demnig. You will learn about Cologne’s involvement in starting the Stumbling Blocks project across Europe, which is regarded as the world's largest decentralized memorial. Today, more than 60,000 of these memorials are found in over 610 locations in Germany, as well as 17 other European countries.

  • This Tour Includes:
  • The Judengasse (Medieval Jewish Quarter)
  • MIQUA Museum (under construction)
  • World Heritage Site Cologne Cathedral
  • Site of former Glockengasse Synagogue
  • Holocaust Memorial "Stumbling Blocks"

Days of Operation

Mon - yes
Tue - yes
Wed - yes
Thu - yes
Fri - yes
Sat - no
Sun - yes

Departures (local time)

  • 9:00 AM (4 hrs)
  • 1:00 PM (4 hrs)

Transfer / Meeting Instructions

No Taxi Required Specific pick up or taxi instructions will appear on your voucher after you purchase your trip.

Special Instructions

• If you would like a different departure time, please contact ShoreTrips.
• This is a private tour and the itinerary is adjustable based on your interests. Please discuss any specific requests with your guide at the beginning of the tour. All changes are subject to time, traffic and policies of chosen sites.
• This tour contains a walking portion. Please wear comfortable shoes.
• Admissions, food, beverages and gratuities are not included in the price of this tour.
• Entry fee to the Cologne Cathedral Treasury is 4 EUR.
• Entry fee to South Tower is 2 EUR.


• Please be aware this is mostly a walking tour.