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We loved this area and found it perhaps more inspiring than the Golden Circle but each to his own. I just know that in Alaska, you cannot walk up to a glacier which is possible in Iceland!

You might ask 'where is the snow?' when you arrive into Reykjavik. People often have a misconception that Iceland is white and Greenland is green, but the reverse is really the truth. Snow-capped mountains do follow you wherever you go in Iceland but the flat rough lava fields are what you will see stretching seemingly forever. The most unexpected part of your day may be the 'countryside' as you make your way to each natural Icelandic phenomena. Flat and wide would describe the scenery for much of your journey, so it is imperative that you are with a passionate local who can deliver an entertaining historical and cultural background as you travel. This experience will cover about 350 kilometers but the ride itself is broken up with many stops, so you will not feel the distance but instead be able to appreciate the incredible moments.

Begin out of Reykjavik and head southeast, noting the landscape change to one more primal, raw and unhospitable. Black lava, sometimes covered in green moss, is often the only vegetation visible. You are heading uphill to the Hellisheidi Mountains where the ring road cuts right through the lava flow from an eruption in 1000. Now this excursion will begin to get exciting as you move closer to the Eyjafjallajokull volcano via the coastal road. It is fascinating to learn that glaciers here are often covering volcanoes and this is an example of an icecap that covers 39 square miles with a volcanic crater beneath it. It was this volcano that was last active in March/April 2010 and the clouds of ash hindered international air traffic all over Europe. It also caused havoc in the area surrounding it.

Continuing on, you reach Seljalandsfoss waterfall, unusual because it marks the transition from the mouintains down into the flat foreland. This waterfall is impressive from afar and it is possible to go close and 'behind its back', an adventure that is optional but many choose to try it. This is possible most of the year. Another waterfall is in the municipality of Skogar and it is called the Skogafoss waterfall, the town's biggest attraction. This deluge of water plunges down over 195 feet across a width of 82 feet, delivering an amazing sight and sound in combination. As you travel along the southern coast, waterfalls from trickles to wider streams are everywhere, a reminder of the power of nature in this country.

Further along the coastline you will visit the Solheimajokull Glacier which is part of the Myrdalsjokull Ice-Cap. Enjoy stretching your legs on a short 30-minute walk from the car park to the edge of the ice and see this natural wonder up close. Continuing further east to reach Iceland's most southerly point, the expanse of black sand beach and rolling surf, dramatic coastal cliffs and spectacular lava rock formations will reinforce all you have heard about the power of nature here. This stunning area is like no other and changes the definition of 'beach' due to its rough surface and unprotected expanse.

If you are visiting in August, the cliffs will be full of puffin colonies, a nice treat for your telephoto lenses to capture.

  • This Tour Includes:
  • Shared minibus with exceptional local guide
  • Full engaged narration throughout your excursion
  • Drive through the Hellisheidi Mountains
  • See the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which erupted in 2010
  • Upclose visit to the Seljalandsfoss waterfall with chance to go behind the falls
  • See the majestic Skógafoss waterfall
  • Opportunity to walk to the edge of the Solheimajokull Glacier
  • See the vast stretch of black sand lava beach and raging surf near Vik

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  • 8:00 AM (10 hrs)

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• The entire drive is about 200 miles, about 4 hours of your day in total, but it will not feel that way as you make many wonderful stops.
• Lunch is not included but you will have access to café/restaurants during the day.
• Please dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes, preferably waterproof if you choose to go behind the waterfall.


• Extra stops may be made based on the weather, road conditions, and time constraints and are at the discretion of your guide.
• Maximum 19 passengers per vehicle.
• The order of the itinerary may change.
• Book early in order to avoid the disappointment of sell-outs. Please note we may have alternative tour options at a higher cost.