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ShoreTrips says...

What is a VIP Majlis? It is the opportunity to sit above the crowded area with a better view. Also the seating is more comfortable and the attention to detail and your needs is expanded. There are other surprise touches that happen during the evening, all of which make you feel special.

Just a short ride away from the city is our incredible desert camp. Your drive to the camp is one of the most exhilarating experiences and certainly should be considered part of this adventure as the scenery is magnificent with camels relaxing in the distance. Hopefully you will find this and the rest of your desert adventure an opportunity to learn about the bedouins' life in the desert, their rhythm and their heritage. Grab a bottle of date juice or bottled water in your Land Cruiser if you find yourself as dry as the desert.

Once you arrive at the desert camp, your car will be traded for a 4x4 jeep with an expert driver, so you can relish the dunes of sand surrounding you on all sides. This is a real off-road ride over these beautiful desert dunes that reflect the sun and your senses you as you forget the congestion of the city. It is exciting and adventurous yet comfortable as you traverse the rugged sandy landscape. You can communicate with the driver allowing you to control the speed of your vehicle and the level of action, so feel free to let your guide know if you feel the slightest discomfort. After about 30 minutes of dune driving, you will arrive at our beautiful, authentic Bedouin campsite.

You have chosen to experience a special level of comfort and luxury yet you will still find authenticity once you arrive at the camp. There are so many cultural experiences at your fingertips here, from falconry to camel riding to sand surfing - try them all! Stroll around the property and explore some of the areas of shopping for beautifully made local goods. There is a sand art station for young and old and also a professional photo booth.

Finally it is time to proceed to the exclusive VIP seating area, where you can relax for the rest of the evening. Your elevated seating is special, more protected from elements, and your staff will offer perfect service. You have perfect views of the entertainment area and a personal Butler to attend to your needs. While you wait for your choice of dinner to be served, a falcon will be displayed at your lounge for picture taking. The Safari Guide will approach you to try the Arabic traditional dresses for the picture sake.

While a chef joins you at your table to share the menu options, the entertainment area will come to life with the traditional Yula Dance, Tanura Dance and the essential Oriental belly dance, the highlight of the evening. If you want to try using a hookah, you can ask for a special shisha mix as well as non alcoholic beverages. Gourmet food options that will address all dietary needs are available. Sit back and relax over tea or coffee and conversations. You will be presented with our surprise show of the evening performed by our special members of the camp.

You will build a special understanding of the culture and the ecosystem of the desert and how it directs the lives in this area of the world and leave the desert with respect for this special life.

  • This Tour Includes:
  • Private Roundtrip transportation
  • Desert sand dune ride with a driver in a jeep
  • Assorted cultural experiences i.e. falconry, camel rides, dune surfing
  • Create sand art and shop for local professionally created crafts
  • Private dining with elevated seating and butler
  • Menu options that address all dietary requirements
  • Enjoy performances such as the Yula Dance, Tanura Dance and Oriental Belly Dance
  • Browsing time in the tents with local crafts

Days of Operation

Mon - yes
Tue - yes
Wed - yes
Thu - yes
Fri - yes
Sat - yes
Sun - yes

Departures (local time)

  • 3:00 PM (4.5 hrs) Departure time and length is slightly flexible

Transfer / Meeting Instructions

No Taxi Required Specific pick up or taxi instructions will appear on your voucher after you purchase your trip.

Special Instructions

• The menu encompasses all dietary restrictions with multiple choices.
• This is an all-inclusive experience except for any optional purchases.
• No alcohol is served at this safari camp.
• Dress comfortably.


• If you are interested in experiencing a desert overnight, it can be arranged by contacting ShoreTrips.