Small Group Shared Tours

Journey high above Picton and the Malborough Sounds! more info
Duration: 1.50 hrs.  Start Times:   10:00 AM  01:30 PM
Per Person
Hello Picton. Nice to meet you. more info
Duration: 1.50 hrs.  Start Times:   10:30 AM  01:30 PM
Per Person

Small Group Shared Wine Tours

Is this the best wine in all of Australia and New Zealand? The world? more info
Duration: 6.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:30 AM  09:00 AM
Per Person
An in depth look at the wine making process more info
Duration: 6.50 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM  10:30 AM
Per Person
Biking to a wine tasting, because running doesn't get you there fast enough. more info
Duration: 6.00 hrs.  Start Times:   09:30 AM
Per Person

On the Water

Ship Cove got its name from Captain James Cook in 1770. more info
Duration: 4.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:30 AM
Per Person
Explore Queen Charlotte Sound on a private boat! more info
Duration: 1.00 hrs.  Start Times:   08:00 AM  09:00 AM  10:00 AM
Private from
to $125.00
Per Person Based On Your Group Size
For larger groups, contact Shoretrips.

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