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Proud to be known as “weird”, Portland has a lot to offer, both “weird” and “not weird”.  Also known as the Rose City, Portland has an extensive offering of parks and has been called the most environmentally friendly city in the United States.  But parks are not the only jewels in Portland’s crown.  Microbreweries, food carts, great public transportation and eccentric neighborhoods abound.  You will see them all on ShoreTrips’ “History, Parks and Neighborhood of Portland” tour. 

Many of us remember when, in 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted, wreaking havoc on air travel and landscapes both near and far.  The power, magnitude and lasting effects of this event will become clearer to you once you have visited the area.  ShoreTrips’ “Mt. St. Helens National Monument and Ape Cave” tour will help you to appreciate this force of Mother Nature.

As inviting as Portland is, a trip to the nearby Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area is about as worthwhile as they come.  All the superlatives you can imagine won’t quite capture the majesty of this area.  Once you will see it, you will find you must get out and experience it first-hand.  Visits to Multnomah Falls, known the world over as the 2nd tallest perennial waterfall in the US and another falls in the area will provide you with the chance to get out and hike this glorious area.   To the east is the town of Hood River, which is fortunate to have the perfect topography and climate for growing grapes.  Oregon’s wines are well known for a reason and you will have the chance to taste for yourself as you visit 2 local wineries.   

So do something fun while you’re here and (as the Portlanders say) “Help keep Portland weird”.

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