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Jeju is the antithesis of the saturation of population in Busan and Seoul. This wonderful respite allows you to enjoy the pleasures of swaying palm trees, beaches and a terrain of volcanic features. This island is South Korea's top holiday and honeymoon destination and has also become popular for foreign travelers. This is a perfect place to visit for some nature immersion to combat too much tourism and traffic.

During your tour of Jeju, consider the Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, also called "The Pond of God", consists of 3 sections. Around the falls, a variety of plant life thrives To the east, there is a cave where cold water pours from the ceiling to create the first waterfall. The water gathers into a pool and from there, falls two more times, creating the second and third waterfalls, which then flow into the sea. You should expect a series of steps and bridges to be part of your viewing, depending on how much of the falls you wish to see.

A second unusual highlight on this lovely island is the Seongsan Sunrise Peak. This is really a tuff cone formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions on a shallow seabed about 5 thousand years ago. Situated on the eastern seaboard of Jeju Island, peple say it resembles a gigantic ancient castle. This tuff cone is 182 meters high and has a preserved bowl-like crater. This peak has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and worth your visit.

Not too far away are the Manjanggul Cave. Located some 30 km east of Jeju City, Manjanggul Cave is one of Earth's finest and largest lava tubes. This geological jewel stretches for about 13 kilometers and was formed underwater more than 200,000 years ago. It has not only been designated as a National Treasure, but a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. While only 1km of the total length is open to visitors, you'll still be amazed by the interesting structures such as lava stalagmites and stone pillars. You will find it an adjustment to the dim lighting and with the uneven terrain, you will have to be careful as you make your way through the cave, but Manjanggul Cave can be fully explored by walking with the cave's height of over 20-24 meters. And that will make this exploration more enjoyable as you work your way through this incredible site.

Ever wanted to know how Koreans used to live in the 1890s? Pyeoseon Jeju Folk Village Museum has more than 100 traditional houses and over 8000 folk articles, which will easily transport you back in time and give you an insight into how Koreans used to live.While there you can take part in activities such as horseback riding and try an extensive range of folk experiences and souvenirs such as the tools that are required to make Korean rice cakes. The Jeju Folk Village is one of the major tourism attractions on the island and will give you background of the history and culture that will inform you for all your visits in South Korea.

During your day you may want to try one or more of the traditional foods that are on the must-try Korean foods in Jeju. Most popular is Abalone Rice Porridge (or known as Jeonbokjuk in Korean). Abalones are also commonly harvested in Jeju island (by fisherwomen (or haenyeo) who dive to deep depths to harvest them) so this makes this dish quite common and popular here on the island. No doubt your guide will mention this during your day.

  • This Tour Includes:
  • Private vehicle 15-seat minibus with driver
  • English speaking licensed guide
  • See the Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls
  • Explore the Manjanggul Cave
  • View the Seongsan Sunrise Peak
  • Immerse in the Jeju Village Folk Museum
  • Lunch during the day, not included
  • All admissions included
  • Additional Languages Available
  • Portuguese($)
  • Spanish($)
  • *Possible upcharge at checkout for languages denoted with ($) symbol.

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Departures (local time)

  • 8:00 AM (9 hrs)

Transfer / Meeting Instructions

No Taxi Required Specific pick up or taxi instructions will appear on your voucher after you purchase your trip.

Special Instructions

• Please wear comfortable walking shoes and bring an umbrella. This is the rainiest location in the country.
• Lunch is not included in the price of this tour, however, your guide will offer suggestions based on your appetite and budget.
• All admissions are included.


• The order of the itinerary may change.