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Middle East Excursions

The Cradle of Civilization, home of the world's first cities, birthplace of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, mysterious, complex, a land of contrasts. Ancient history is ever present, the fabric of life, interwoven with gleaming skyscrapers rising out of the urban skyline like the desert sun.

Encompassing western Asia, Turkey, Egypt, and most of the Arab World, this massive region offers a diverse wealth of architecture, history, topography, and religion. But one common thread, ubiquitous among all countries, is the warmth and welcoming nature of its hospitable people, ready with a smile and a friendly greeting.

With ShoreTrips' private, personalized excursions you will experience the mysteries, the culture and the complexities of the Middle East, from Egypt's mesmerizing pyramids to the souks of Old Dubai. With its eyes firmly on the future while holding on tight to its rich cultural traditions, the Middle East is a fascinating, intriguing destination, just waiting to be discovered.