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Private Charter (pricing for first 2 people) (2 hours) $487 USD
Private Charter (pricing for first 2 people) (3 hours) $723 USD
Private Charter (pricing for first 2 people) (4 hours) $973 USD
Private Charter (pricing for first 2 people) (6 hours) $1459 USD
Per Person additional (After the first 2 passengers) $49 USD
Child 4 years and under (Each counts towards the max of 10 people) $0 USD
*Selections and optional choices will be made during checkout


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ShoreTrips says...

Couldn't understand why folks would get off a ship and then get on a boat - until I did it! Peace, quiet, and control of your day means everything!

Today you can pretend you own a sleek motor yacht because you will own this vessel for the length of time you wish. Aruba has so much to explore and often so much gets missed when you try to see it all by land. Besides, wouldn't you prefer to feel that wind in your hair and the sun bathing you on board instead of baking in a jeep, for instance?

While on this yacht you will be able to confer with YOUR captain to determine the best and most interesting itinerary for your time on board. With the undivided attention of the crew and captain, you will watch them navigate your wishes to deliver your dream on the water.

You will be very comfortable on this 35 foot ocean going motorized cruiser. A shaded space gives you a little break from the Aruba sunshine. The seating is everywhere.

Here is a bit of information to help you determine how much time you wish to secure on board. Keep in mind that 2 hours will give you 2 snorkel stops and some cruising time or 3 stops and less cruising time. Decide accordingly.

THE ANTILLIA - by now you have heard about this wreck multiple times. It has been acknowledged as one of the best shipwrecks to snorkel in the Caribbean. It has been underwater for 80 years and is still intact and just loaded with marine life. Great visibility will allow this wreck to come alive for you.

BOCA CATALINA / MALMOK REEF - this snorkel area gives you the favorites of the underwater world. A colorful panorama of angelfish, butterfly fish, and parrotfish. You might even see your next dinner - squid and octopus are frequent visitors to this area.

ARASHI REEF - this reef is known as one of the most beautiful and is teeming with a diversity of marine life. There you can see a forest of elkhorn and some staghorn coral.

TRES TRAPI - never heard of it? it is a small cove that is nestled in the limestone and dozens of Red Cushion Starfish will be right under your feet. You will most likely have a chance to swim with turtles here.

PALM & EAGLE BEACH - the location of this beach area affords a nice leisurely ride along Aruba's coastline and beaches.

You do not have to decide now. As a matter of fact, wait until you meet your Captain as the weather and water conditions might impact the destination. But the Captain will be able to advise you what you would enjoy more based on your desires and your past experiences in the world of snorkeling.

And then there is the option of no snorkeling at all. Just coast along.

  • This Tour Includes:
  • Private 35 ft. customized motor yacht with shaded area
  • Certified captain and crew
  • Roundtrip transportation
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Snorkel equipment

Days of Operation

Mon - yes
Tue - yes
Wed - yes
Thu - yes
Fri - yes
Sat - yes
Sun - yes

Departures (local time)

  • 2 hrs - Morning Departure
  • 2 hrs - Afternoon Departure
  • 3 hrs - Morning Departure
  • 3 hrs - Afternoon Departure
  • 4 hrs - Morning Departure
  • 4 hrs - Afternoon Departure
  • 6 hrs - Morning Departure only

Transfer / Meeting Instructions

No Taxi Required Specific pick up or taxi instructions will appear on your voucher after you purchase your trip.

Special Instructions

• We suggest you wear your swimsuit under your clothes.
• If you are traveling with children, we recommend you bring water wings or a inflatable jacket that fits your child(ren).
• Please bring biodegratable sunscreen, towel, hat and camera.
• Please be advised that there is no head on this boat.
• If you require snacks, please bring them with you or stop along the way to purchase.


• This vessel is licensed to carry 10 passengers. Infants and young children will count.
• Pregnant women and those prone to seizures, respiratory or heart conditions should consult with their physician regarding their ability to participate.